About Stewarts Reading Circle

Welcome to our book club. The club is run from the library in Stewarts, Mill Lane in Palmerstown in partnership with South Dublin Public Libraries. We meet every month on the first Tuesday at 5pm in the library. The club was established several years ago and is open to library members living and working in the local area. We try to cater for all tastes in literature by including  award winning books, popular fiction, plays, biographies, thrillers, comedy, historical, non-fiction with a classic thrown in during the year.  The reading months are September to June but readers can dip in and out as they please. The year is interspersed with author visits when we can arrange them and we often include a trip to the theatre.

New members always welcome.

4 thoughts on “About Stewarts Reading Circle”

  1. Celtic Road Home: A Memoir

    Although Beautiful Colorado has been home now for the past quarter century or so (who’s counting! Lol!) I will always be a Dublin girl!

    Celtic Road Road home is a great, uplifting and inspiring story, written from the heart and you’ll especially enjoy the very long first chapter, set in the 1970s in a very different Irish capital.

    Six copies are currently available on Dublin City Library shelves or on Amazon. Here is a little extra book info for you:

    I’d be delighted if you might consider the read at a future time Claire!

    Don’t be a stranger if there is anything else you may need.

    Colorado Greetings for now,

  2. Hi there once again! It’s Ann Doolan-Fox here. Just a quick update, there are currently eight copies of Celtic Road Hone: A Memoir available throughout Ireland courtesy of Libraries Ireland. Go raibh mile maith agaibh go leir and Happy rest of your 2020! Slainte!

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